Welcome to Let's See The Menu.com, an online food and beverage ordering platform with a mission to benefit the human interests of our visitors, vendors, and their employees. We believe that through advertising, we can create a financial architecture that eventually makes health care free at the point of delivery in America. Our goal is to create a conduit for the public to directly and immediately recognize and support businesses that support this goal.

By using our platform, vendors agree to the following terms and conditions:

Online ordering

Vendors may use our online ordering feature to accept orders from customers. All proceeds from online orders go directly to the vendor, minus the transaction fee.

Geo-located banner advertising

Vendors may use our feature to advertise their business through banner ads that are targeted to specific geographic locations.

Gift certificates

Vendors may offer gift certificates for purchase on our website. These gift certificates will be branded with the vendor's business name, but may be used similarly to a debit card and redeemed at any vendor in our network that accepts them. Let's See The Menu.com will hold the proceeds from the sale of gift certificates and pay them out to the vendor at the time of redemption.

Fees: Vendors will be charged a subscription fee for access to our online ordering feature, as well as a transaction fee for each online order processed through our website.

Termination of service

Let's See The Menu.com reserves the right to terminate the service of any vendor at any time for any reason.

Changes to terms and conditions

Let's See The Menu.com reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. It is the vendor's responsibility to stay informed of any changes.

By using Let's See The Menu.com, vendors agree to the above terms and conditions and to our mission of benefiting the human interests of our visitors, vendors, and their employees. Thank you for choosing our platform.